The Write Stuff - 26th July, 2007

With more than 70 million web logs (or ‘blogs’) now floating about in cyberspace, the question can fairly be asked: why do we need one more? Moreover, why would you want to read a blog published by your local real estate expert? I’ll give you three quick answers and then you can go online and decide for yourself. (Please click on the ‘Expert Opinion’ blog link at ‘The Real Estate Expert’ blog provides you with a timely update on property news, views and issues as seen through the eyes of someone who is living and breathing it every day. This is the information you won’t get from any newspaper and which you should have with you to make sound decisions about buying and selling. ‘The Real Estate Expert’ blog is fearless. I will not shy away from the thorny issues nor simply push my own barrow. In the USA, where real estate bloggers are prolific, reputable blog sites have become an accepted source of information among buyers, sellers and the media. My aim is to use the technology to a similar end, ultimately generating lots of healthy industry discussion and debate. ‘The Real Estate Expert’ blog is interactive. I respond personally to all posts and very much welcome all questions and feedback. Through my blog, you can ask the questions you’ve always wanted to throw at a real estate agent. Finally, like all bloggers, I simply want to be heard! Bookmark the ‘The Real Estate Expert’ blog today and tell me what YOU think. Until next week … Gerard Baden-Clay, Principal
Century 21 Westside

Learning Curve - 19th July, 2007

Our office was abuzz with a fresh injection of youthful enthusiasm last week in the form of work experience student Selena Colavitti. In addition to helping us with lots of research and data management, Selena lent her hand to writing this week’s guest Open Doors column … “To be honest, what I imagined about working in a real estate office was completely different to what it’s like! As I stepped into the gleaming office of red and gold, I was extremely nervous and wanted to turn around and run home. However, my nerves were soon calmed as I greeted with big smiles. “After working for a week at Century 21 Westside, my understanding of real estate is that it is not just about selling houses and moving onto the next one; you have to be committed to what you are selling and present a good self-image. You need an excellent knowledge of various areas and you need to know your competition! “Century 21 Westside is a completely different environment to what I have experienced at other workplaces. Five minutes after I walked through the door, I felt like I was at home and part of the team. “After I graduate from Brigidine College, I’d like to work in aerospace engineering or anything to do with business. I find analytical areas very interesting and I like business because you are always thinking and on the go. If I decide to do real estate, I would certainly want to work with Century 21.” Thanks Selena! We loved having you. Until next week … Gerard Baden-Clay, Principal Century 21 Westside

Rocky Road - 12th July, 2007

If life is about the journey and not the destination, then life is running a little rough for western suburb residents at the moment. The $34 million upgrade of Moggill Road, while evidence that at least its limitations are finally being acknowledged, is creating plenty of short-term traffic headaches for residents and commuters. On paper it would seem that the widening of Moggill Road to four lanes up to Kilkivan Avenue is a bandaid measure at best. It won’t do anything to ameliorate the problems beyond Kilkivan Avenue nor the daily traffic debacle at the roundabout near Kenmore Village shopping centre (although it should be said there are some minor modifications currently being done to that roundabout). Still, it should sufficiently highlight the true nature of Moggill Road’s problems so that longer-term solutions, including a possible bypass, will become clearer. Given that projections show Brisbane can expect up to 50% more cars on the road by 2026, projects like this have become belatedly essential – in sporting terms, it’s catch-up footy played for the greater good of the game. So, what to expect for the next 12 months? There’ll be overall traffic delays caused by a reduction of the usual 70kph speed throughout the construction site. There’ll be changes to existing bus stop locations, timetables and routes, and I would urge any resident with queries about these to contact the office of Dr Bruce Flegg MP. Until next week … Gerard Baden-Clay Principal Century 21 Westside 1300 200 100